Wikipedia work is  15% of your grade! Please enroll in the Wikipedia course here.

1. You’ll need to take this one-hour course online by the beginning of Week 2. Successfully completing this course will count for 5% of the total 25%. This page will allow me to assess your activity.

2. You need to create a Wikipedia account.

3. You need to select an author whose page you will create or edit. The list of authors appears below, but if you have other ideas let me know.

4. You need to organize a team or group to work on your entry together. You will sign your group up below.

5. Wikipedia work must be completed and submitted by 12 December 2013.

6. Wikipedia work will be evaluated as follows:

5%: Completion of online training by Friday, 11 Oct
2.5%: Add 1-2 sentences new info to your Wikipedia article, due Friday, 25 Oct
2.5%: Preliminary bibliography, due Friday, 1 Nov
5%: 3-4 paragraph summary version of your article, due Friday, 15 Nov
5%: Peer review, including copy-editing, due Monday, 2 Dec
5%: Final revised article, due 12 Dec

Select your author for Wikipedia watch here by filling in the names of your team members next to the author or authors of your choosing.

NB: If there’s an author not listed here that you’d like to work on (see Merrick’s list on p. 53 of The Secret Feminist Cabal), come talk to me about adding that author.

If you’re having trouble and need some expert assistance with your work on Wikipedia, we have a Wikipedia ambassador who’s willing to help us out: User:Another Believer.

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