Weights for assignments

Blog posts (20%): Students will contribute five posts of at least 250 words each in response to prompts listed on the assignment sheet. These posts must draw on research from the archives. The best entry for each week will win a prize!

Wikipedia article (25%): Students will become Wikipedia editors and create, expand, or fact check the Wikipedia entry for an author or authors of their choosing. Wikipedia work will be a team-based project, meaning that groups of at least two students will work together on completing this assignment. Wikipedia work must be completed and submitted by 12 December 2013. Students must do an online Wikipedia course by Week 2 of the quarter. The link to the course is posted on the website. Guidelines for Wikipedia work are posted on the website.

Book review (5%): Students will read one novel by an author we’ll be reading this quarter and create a 1,000 word book review of that novel for the course blog. Students will sign up for book reviews on the website before the course begins. Guidelines for book reviews are posted on the website. Book reviews must be posted on the website (these are public posts) by the date the assigned novel appears on the assignment sheet.

Final research project (10% proposal; 30% final submission): Final projects will be negotiated in conference with the professor during the first weeks of class. Depending on interests, intellectual, and professional needs, the final project could be an annotated bibliography; a fan project (video, website, music); an interview with one of the authors; a creative project (a short story); or a more traditional final paper. Whatever the genre, format, or content, the final project must reflect research students have conducted in special collections. The professor will post a list of possible topics on the website, but you are — as always — encouraged to strike out on your own! A proposal for the final project will be due on Friday, 18 October 2013. A committee of faculty members will review these proposals in order to determine who will participate in the opening session of the Sally Miller Gearhart “Worlds Beyond Worlds” Symposium (http://csws.uoregon.edu/wp-content/docs/Misc/40th_Celebration_Description.pdf) on 9 November 2013. Final projects must be posted on the website by 10 December.

Participation (10%): Participation will be evaluated in a number of ways, including contributions to in-class discussion, the blog, and the work of the course as a whole. Participation is a cumulative grade, which means that several contributions to the blog at the end of the quarter will count less than sustained engagement in class and on the blog across the whole quarter. If at any time during the course of the quarter you have concerns about your participation grade, please see the professor.

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