Housekeeping! Very Important Info, plus my office hours will be in Hendricks Hall, 347B, not Allen Hall from this point onward!


Just some reminders about upcoming deadlines:

  • For Thursday, read Russ’ amazing, award-winning novella “Souls” (1982)
  • Your second Blog post is due by 5 pm Thursday: Funniest thing you’ve come across in the archives. I’ve read all your blog posts thus far and provided some feedback. Remember — they only have to be 250 words in length. Content is much more important than word count!
  • Austin’s review of  Russ’s Picnic on Paradise is due today; Eliza’s on Russ’ The Female Man is due on Thursday — two book reviews have been posted already – please check them out and comment. They’re really good!
  • For Friday, your final project proposals are due! Guidelines are posted on the blog. You need to post your proposal on the blog and send me a word version of it by email.
  • Some of you still haven’t met with me regarding your final projects. I have extended office hours tomorrow, Wednesday, from 1-5 pm – in 347B Hendricks Hall – not in Allen Hall.
  • The first meeting of the Osher reading group is next Monday: Let me know if you’re interested in going. I know that some of you are going to miss upcoming classes – you can make up missed classes by attending one of these.
  •  Preliminary Wikipedia bibliography due date has been changed from 10/18 to 11/1


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Carol Stabile is a founding member of Fembot , an online collaboration of scholars conducting research on gender, new media, and technology. She teaches at the University of Oregon. View all posts by cstabile

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